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Full text of "Muscle Shoals Baptist Association Minutes 1861"

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■ ' Illll'l 111! I 



Birmingham, Alabama 

Muscle Shoals Baptist Association 

v. 1. 1850 

v. 11. 1888 

v. 2. 1854 

v. 12. 1891 

v. 3. 1855 

v. 13. 1892 


v. 4. 1858 

v. 5. 1859 

v.6. 1861 

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v. 8. 1871 

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i ' 

IJH . If. 11 «|l 


.fll.ijp , »\\ 


W& ' l 


i ..-**> 

i ': '1 1 OF THE 4&a ANNUAL. MEETINQ • 

■■■:,. ,•*.*. ■••.. •• «V- . .- . • • ». •» .' • 

; • .■;*-•.£ •;; r -f.Z. m 4i .; ■•• ■ 

1 '''■4 ■'?•'' ■ i'Wt 1 - •' 

• ♦> 







-.'■*■ * 

\'y '-vi-iiV] s. 



: < 7 

REV. ioS. BHACKELFOBDi Clerk.*,; ' ^ 

OWEN, Treasurer. 


1. ;■• •<• •;';;. ■'•:-'/ •^>w>' 5 .■ »»•> • : " ;• 

■K\ ..■ #& •^■•:.$k' •• ':'•• ^'-^ •• ■' S.. :•. •<■ -c- ; ■•■•. •- - : 

\ \:*" v " ,' 8 O U T H ;'<W E 8 T E R N ' F U B L I 8 H I N Q HOUSE. 

A : \ % .■v, I 4S:* •■•• ..'-.^ J£; « GRAVES,MARKS & CO. 


> 1 «* f T ,«. 



, c/ 


. V 

... OFFICERS. /.■ . - 

} { Rev. Jackson Gunn," Moderator. 
i Rev. Josephus Shackelford, Clerk, 
Isaac N. Owen, Treasurer. 



. # 


Charles Gibson, President. 
Z. P. Freeman, Secretary. 

Isaac N. Owen, }.\ John T. Shoemaker, 

W. A. Gilbert, :*f£ Joseph C. Orr, 

W. W. PeersoN, "-,; ^. Edward Wise, 

L. D. Masse no alb, ■ 1 ' 

^'•iSfev * Located at Moulton., 

\ it 

* • ■'- * ■ ' •?>*• V 

■ ■'■ J ■' W* 

■ * . • • *r- 





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:»;■ «:• ^ 






*V l? 

«.i ■* . 








° Friday Morning, Oct. 4, 1861. 

The delegates composing tho Forty-Second Annual Session 
of the Muscle Shoals Baptist Association, convened with the 
Russel Valley Church, Franklin co., Ala., Friday morning, Oct. 
4th, 1861. Rev. M. Finney preached the Introductory sermon. 
Text : Phil. 2, xii, xiii. After which, the Association adjourned 
for one hour. 

Friday afternoon. 
*yThe Association met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by 
the Moderator. The former Moderator and Clerk took their 
seats, and the Association proceeded to business, as follows: 
;S;The letters from the churches were read, and the names of 
delegates enrolled. At the same time, the Association pro- 
ceeded to tho election of Moderator and Clerk ; which resulted 
in the choice of Rev. J, Gunn as Moderator, and Rev. Jos. 
Shackelford Clerk. 

The Moderator appointed a Committee consisting of Brn. J. 
B. Speak, A. H. Stanley and M. Sledge, to arrange the order 
of business for the Association. The Committee reported, re- 
commending the Association to pursue the order as laid down 
in the Minutes of last year. 

The report was adopted. & 

The Moderator then appointed a Committee on Devotional 
exercises, consisting of Brn, W. W. Peerson, Wm. Moss, John 
Drake, J. F. Belue, S. Peerson and A. H. Stanley. 


A letter was received from Cedar Creek Baptist Church, 
Morgan county, Ala., petitioning for membership into our body, 
but as no delegates were present, the subject of its reception 
was postponed until Saturday. if* 


Bro. J. J. Ramsey presented a package of Minutes of the 
Big Bear Creek Association and was received as a Messenger 
from that Association. Rev. W. R. Alexander and Bro. J. D. 
Kee were also received as Messengers from that body on Sat- 


x * 




* \ 

appoint tljo follpwftg UoYnmittccs : 
libels— Rev. 'M. Ti'nney, G. W. llargct, 


Visiting brethren. 

On motion - ; Rev. IT. B. Slater, of Tuscumbia was invited to 

take a seat with us. '<* 


The Moderator 
On Sabbath BcM 

* On Docnmoilts-W. W. Pcerson, B. Ellett, A. "Stanley. 
On Foreign Missions— Rov. Thomas Nicholson, A. 11. bian- 

leJ On SUtoof Rcfigion T Rev. ; J. 0. Roberts, J. Herring, Rev. 

On Education-Z. F. Freeman, J.^B, Speak J.F. Bclue. . .. 
On Financo-C. Gibson, J. B Speak M, Sledge. .« , _ .£.. 
On Domestic Missions— Rov. M. A.. Verser, Wm Moss, Rev.J 

"Win. Spain. ' _ . ,,., 

.On Temperance— E. Ellet, J. Herring, Isham Milam. . 


Appointed delegates to General Association of Middle Ten- / 
not?? and North* Alabama, viz: Rev J. Gmin J. N.Owen,f 
l\e v M A. Verser, Rev. Jos. Shackelford, Z. F. Freeman,. Rev. 
\\ m. Spain, C. Gibson, E,,Windes, Rev. Thos. Nicholson, M.,; . 

S1 Liherty Association-Rev. J. Shackelford, Z.' F. Freeman. . 

Ui-r Hear Creek Association— John W. Townsand, Rev. 1?S. 
Carson, Rev. Thomas Nicholson, W. W.Peerson. I ,, 

Tennessee River Association— Rev. M. A. Verser., ^ 

Warrior River Association— Rev. M. A. Verser, A. W.Niinn. ; 

Appointed- a Committee to ascertain the times and places ot 
holding tho next Union meetings, consisting of Rev. M. tmney, 
Isham Milam and J. Herring,, ,- ' i» -,,. - -... r \ han _ ft _j 

The following resolution. was offered^by .Bro. C. Gibson and , 

unanimously adopted : 

Owing to the condition ; Of our:once- happy and prosperous, ^ 

but now distracted country, ' . . , L •, . » 

Zolved, That this Association suspend its regular business^ 
each day at 11 o'clock,' during its present session, and spend at , 
least one half hour or more in special prayer for our country 

Tho resolution of Bro. Finney, offered at the last session ot 
tho Association, instructing " The Committee appointed te re- , 
vise tho Constitution, Abstract of Principles and Rules of De- 
corum, to amend tho Constitution of this body, so that the Ex- 
ecutive Board may be members of the Association by virtue of l 
their office ? was taken up /by motion of Bro. Finney, and after 
somo discussion, tho resolution was voted down. 


I .J 


Upon motion the Constitution and Rules. of Decorum were 
read by the Clerk. 

Committee on Devotional exercises reported that Bro. Nich- 
A olson was appointed to preach at 11 o'clock to T morrow, at the 
stand. • 

On motion of Bro. Shackelford, a Committee was appointed 
*to take into consideration the state tof our country and report, 
'consisting of Bros. Shackelford, Z. F. Freeman, M. Finnoy, J. 
B». Speak, and John "W. Townsand. 

... On motion tbe Association adjourned to meet at 8 J o'clock 
Saturday morning. Prayor by llov. A. W. Nunn. 

• : %■■'■ ■ <■ • Saturday mornjng, 8£ o'clock. 

'' The Association met pursuant to adjou mutant. 

•Prayer by T. S. Carson. • 9 

The Minutes of the preceding day wore read and the roll 
'called. *'•••••,*'. I • . ■ • 

'■' Bro. Finney offered tho following resolution, which was 

adopted : ^ • ( 

• Resolved, That any Church that fails to represent herself ei- 
ther by letter or delegate, for two years in succession, shall not 

be noticed in the Minutes, nor furnished with Minutes. 


J The Committee on Domestic Missions made tho following 
report which' was received and adopted: 

The Committee on Domestic Missions beg leave to submit 
the following report : Owing to the distracted condition of 
our country, and considering the Monetary crisis that is now 
on us, we are at a loss to devise any plan that can be success- 
fully carrird out. There are many Churches within the bounds 
of the Association, destitute of Ministerial aid, many of which 
have been built'up by our Missionary system, and aro now in 
aprosperous- condition, tho most of which, in all probability 
will dissolve, if tho Association ccasos to aid them. Indeed 
"the harvest is great, but tho laborers aro few." If the Asso- 
ciation cannot carry out tho plan adopted for the last two years, 
k we recomniend that an Executive Board be appointed as usual, 
to make such contracts with tho Missionaries as they, in their 
wisdom, may think the wants of the Churches demand and the 
condition of the country will justify. 
t) All of which is respectfully submitted, . . 

M. A. Verser, Chairman. 

The following resolution was offered by Bro. Shackelford 
and adopted : 

Resolved, That it is tho opinion of this Association, that the 
t cause of our Saviour demands at this-particular time, our earn- 
est efforts and prayers, and that instead of giving up our Mis- 
sionary enterprises, we should make more exertions and greater 





*™^^^X$ made th0 foII °^ - 

of the AssocSn w^re rem? to h™ ?f he Var, '° U8 Ch,mhe8 
the Churches in thT^^f^bte^JJ^jpj"* o»»»oi,g 
astonishment but one tW Ji » Schoo,s > but to our utter 

the i***^ anything about 

sion has taken daw frl !i ab,e to learn > tt declen- 

causcs we w H ventwe to^u, S 7 unk ? OWn to us - Two 
has befallen o „ once ham S 0ne '\ the ca,a ™ty which 
tie, not the l^TCT^^E ^ ° th . e C th ° agh Ht " 
what is caUed the Union bnot^ 1 V° p,n,0 , n , w,th re £ ard *° 
Marks & Co. ^ aJo *t'J t d , the 0ne P ubl{ s^d by Graves, 

not be so. If wo ™ no! %7tui\° W u lmrmiaoa > th ' 8 Bn °«ld 
of good Mothew in he pC? Teachers, there are plenty 

i»aps and poSly better thS**' ' y ,0 "" 4 cK a8 wo » P er " 
would urit tL« Jhi * m ° St L mon - Aa to books, we 

hath School in each^hureh "nT™ V h \°7 ?anization of a Sabr 
Mothers of the ChUdren ^ho^n ^ '? th ° Pftthe ™ and 

%*%£&: s&grs: :m w^'ft" an , d P 

principles of life are formed whEh -ni b , Cr °' th ° firat 

instructed to spend « paA of S T^l ' *"* M,88ionaries be 
Schools in the Churches m ° * 0I *>? nizin fi Sabbath 

All of which is reepectfully submitted, 

Mike Finney, Chairman. 


; qKKK *■ 


conducted it, and during this period its prosperity, in the num- 
ber of its schoalrs, the success in literary and scientific pro- 
gress, in health and good order, has been maintained without 
material abatement from its early promise of eminent uscful- 
* ness. The Library, the valuable scientific apparatps, the build- 
ing, the furniture and fixtures of the corporation remain in 
good order, as at our last report. At the last meeting of your 
venerable Body atMoulton, the indebtedness, under which the 
Institute then labored, was most generously assumed by its 
friends, and the Institution declared out of debt, as will be seen - 
in the Minutes of thv, Association for 1860, at pages 13, 14, 15 
and 16. These assumptions, notwithstanding the diffioultiei of 
the times, have thus far been most honorably met, and the 
Board have no reason to believe that any pf them will fail in 
the end. The following persons constitute the present Board of 
Trustees," viz ^Thomas M. Peters, President; David Lynch, 
^Secretary ; Kichard O. Picket, Treasurer ; and John Y. Shoe- 
maker, appointed in 1859 ; Washington A. Gilbert and Michael 
W. Mayes, appointed in 1858 ; and William McKelvy, John G. 
Orr, Macklin Sledge, James B. Speak, Benjamin P. Walker, 
Levi F. Warren and Michael Werft, appointed in 1860. Of 
these, the terms of Mr. Gilbert, /Mr. Mayes and Mr. B. F. 
Walker, who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Mr. 
James Streeter appointed in 1858, are now terminated by tho 
limitation of their appointments, as prescribed by the Act of 
Incorporation. , 

All of which is most respectfully submitted, 

Thomas M. Peters, 
President of the Board of Trustees. 

Moulton, Al v. Oct. 6th, 1861. 

1'he following members of the Board of Trustees were ap- 
pointed by the Associations : W. A. Gilbert, G. Gibson and B. 
F. Walker. 


The Committee appointed to ascertain the times and places 
of holding the Union Meetings, reported as follows : 

1st District.— Friday before the third Sabbath m May, 1862, 
at Evening Shade Church. M. Finney to preach the Introdnc- 

Smd^District.— • Friday before the fifth Sabbath in »-*'• 1 1 862, 
at Town Creek Church. Thomas Nicholson to preach the In- 
troductory sermon. , , . 7 , v , MO 

3d District^Friday before the fifth Sabbath in — t - i — , lHbJ, 
at Mt. Zion Church, in Morgan county. L. Gunn to preach 
the Introductory sermon. 

The subject of appointing the place of meeting for the next 
Association, was taken up. The Association agreed to meet 


-'. -"*■ - 

' „ B 

tion was suspended, and oS iSf h«n ^ in088 ° f tl ° Assoeia - 
and prayer, Bro. iJhacKlibrf fe^ , 8pent in 8in ff in « 
prayer by Bm, Vep^ A nd Aborts ^f T th VT C, ' 8e8 > an <* 
appointed to proacKthe IntroX S? -' J * Sh ^kelford was 

Nicholson Alternate u?£v j tffT'^Rcv. Thom'S 
Write a circular letter to bo read it th« l*t ^ • Wonted to 
sociatipn... -u,,-,, . * the next session of the As- 

•.-,■ '„' '■'■S. ! *"*w ; ••'■•■"' ' 

. J no Committee on the sf-ifo «pt> i- • 

*port which was received and Lw g !° n ^ fferod *he following 

t ?«*• rf*%5SS^ ASK; '^°^4>^ttee of 


usual orderof tl/iS^^SS^h^ Ji^^ 110 ^ 111 * 0ut of « • 
have boon built up7 while ?*££ 'J a80c ? u . rred - Some Churches 
the whole, in view^f Le sad ^tate of^' 11 ° f C ° ldne8a - V P™ 
we have much to call forth ou dl* °« r country, wo fool that 
it is as well with ... ™ ! !* 0nr ' d ??P e8t gratitude to God, that 

it is as woll 


«a, as, it is 

AH of which , 8 respectfully 
Bro. M. A. Vcrser mode his renJrt wi^°K MW ' C,,airra »n. 

fcw° iWS**" Com3 e e r . fc wh,ch was receivod «* 

hors which waslil'pltof^aVovT^ ° f * Hi ~7 t 
On motion ajourned for one hour. lX , 

The Association convened pursuant 1 J^* 7 Aftornoon ' 
Prayer by li lo . Slater. P - a °? to ad JPurnnient. 

Committee on Devotional exercise *«r^ ,* .,_ 
was appointed to preach t«intSiSi^rS?Stod. Br0 ". ^^ 


™pA^^.^*>* following report, 

ought to exe t over institutes of Crnin^f' rel,g,0U8 bodie8 

mere generUIy admitted thln^^ g ]^ M1 ^ ntl y h ^ome 

Yet there ; re some oven at th « Zt J " ff 8,neo S one V- 

term "denominational schools- Th£ Wl *° ° PP ° S ° wh ^t they 

thomcorrc r idea that there s\o£ ^T^ have ^bibed 

'n-oconcilallo hostility belweonTel.vfJ ^ di8crc P™c y , «ome 

one of tho u .irmas of VI! n \ el, £ ,on and learning It is 

the mother <T^«fo*^ d ^f™» ** << ^ofance £ 

tones of Ro. mnism have noverthe^ ? n r ? pr ° bato tho d °°- 

t-n, that le .nin, would^n^^ ; 


community, prove detrimental to the interests of piety. But 
a caroful investigation of the subject will ovinco that learning 
and religion aro natural allies ; nnd thati t is the true interest 
of the friends of oach to cultivate a good understanding be- 
tween them, and to make them mutually subservient to each 
other's advantage. But perhaps the question may be asked, 
MVhat benefit has learning eon for rod upon Religion?" The 
answer is apparent. Learning has recordod the documents of 
religion. It has gathered -up the various books composing tho 
Old and Now Testaments and united them in one great "Book 
of Books"— the Bible. If it had contributed no other service 
than this to the cause of Christianity, tho friends of tho lattoo, 
ought gratefully to acknowledge the benefit. For if tho rcve 
lations of God's will to man had not been thus recorded in per- 
manent form, they would have been scattered, like the leaves 
of the Sybil, to ! tho winds of heaven, and so have benefitted on- 
ly a single generation, tho generation to which they were de- 
livered. But now we have in the written Seriptures a fixed, 
sufficient, and authoritative rule of faith and practice, and now 
also, though prophecy has ceased, — though, God no longer an- 
swers by Urim and Thummim, — wo have in the records of in- 
spiration, a lively oraclo, over accessible, whoso responses are 
infallible, and equally applicable to all times and all circum- 
stances, i Now, too, wo are able to behold the visions of the 
ancient seers; to look out upon the desolations of tho deluge, 
and tho .conflagration of Sodom ; to witness tho miracles of 
Moses and Elijah, of Christ and His Apostles; to hoar tho pre- 
dictions of tho ancient Pprophets, of Isaiah, and J)aniel and 
John ; — to chant to tho harp of David tho anthems of the sweet 
singer of Israel; to listen to the Proverbs of Solomon, and 
the sermons of tho greater than Solomon, who "spake as never 
man spake;" to be delighted with tho history of Jesus and the" 
early progress of Christianity; to bo edified with tho doctrines 
of the Gospel in the inspired epistles; and to bo persuaded by 
the appeals and the reasonings of the Apostle of the Gentiles. 
If Learninig.has recorded tho documonts of Boligion, it has also 
preserved them, pure, notwitstanding the efforts that havo been 
made from time to time to add apocryphal books, both 
to the Old and New Testaments. The sacred oracles were 
of necessity committed to human keeping, and everything 
on which man puts his finger, ho defiles. Everything in 
his hands is liablo to deterioration. How then was it to 
be known whether tho selection of tho genuino from the 
spurious was fairly and honestly made? Tho answer to this 
question is also apparent. Tho Ithuricl spear of knowledge 
alone could have detected error, had it been present, and 
it is the concurrent testimony of learnod critics who have 
spent their lives in such investigations, that tho selections have 
been made with the greatest integrity and caution. Learning 


I i 


. gion would"Z be I rf*"'? bc0 " ^"edT^^-" 6 , ' C r Ia - 

•peak only in m. mt- mb ° raole to «» 'he world * T Boli ' 

read -.he book " TU. °?t ' or to lo0 «e Iho Mil. .1 - no 
'"•«' late, (he worW ,^f V ' thout 'earning to L or d 8 „ thcroof . »nd 
'he , an \ vll0 rdvo'eateeTheT''' ^ ^WlCS?"' 
o n. ta*n hia niF"" 1 ' WOttld have no 'A*', ' c „ arn '"g !■ incom- 

%i«r„ „ " ?££*£>• or ,-pv which tTdis";!" ,'- a Uxt fr °» 

auxi' a We, L°"i £*& JepaTlment of U, .& '" s 'Snoraneo. 
">o • hi; e ;eme„^ , f f C, lri Bc8idea Ml ^' ^^1^"""°? 

Pal o, ieotiona of fnfidel,"" th ° "'her hand riff ha?- and 
indii. it? J , " and Probablir win hi " w ° r 'ds whose in- 

ry ? o /" , to be 8 ° excellent and InH ** s ' J V OU8 c«r-o that 
nanctificj bvo, r ^^ our bounds* Ou^, '°^ of B(Ju ' 

tho m a ' 'a «f ■; f.f^^P^hmento SELfc 1 ? interest, and 

- - t* 


SEP*" * 


** 11 

for the cause of Learning, Will you fulfill that jnst expects 
t j on 7 Z. P. Freeman, Chairman. 


The Committoe on Temperance reported a» follows, which 
was received and adopted : > 

Wo your Committe on Temperance beg leave to roport : • • 
Temperance as far as intoxicating liquors arc concerned, is 
of importance to every Baptist. For if the Baptist Churches 
have suffered from one particular sin more than another, U is 
intemperance. Not a Church in our bounds, but whal^M 
had more or less trouble from members drinking intoxicating 
drinks. We would advise the Churches as soon as possible to 
get rid of this by exclusion— not to favor it under the garb of 
acknowledgment and pledges made to bo broken. We are hap- 
py to know that many of the Churches are .acting nobly in this 
matter, and we think the day has now come, when Baptists 
repudiate this thought of drunkenness as much as any other Be- 
ligious body. For which we are glad. All of which is respect- 
fully submitted. & Ellet, Chairman. . 


' The Committee on Foreign Missions made the following re- 
port, which was received and adopted : . „ „ 

The subject of Foreign Missions is becoming fearfully neg- 
lected Wo have relaxed our zeal. From the history of our 
declension, in this benevolent department of the Gospel, it is 
evident that we are forgetting the nature of t,od b Truth and 
our former enthusiasm as " Missionary Baptists. One of the 
first ideas of religion is progressive action. If wo wish to real- 
ize the presence of God's good Spirit, wo must "Arise and bo 
doing " The duty of communicating our happy Christian lecl- 
' ings to others, cannot be dissociated not only from the dictates 
of human nature and sympathy, but also from the teaching of 
the Great Teacher. Had Ho not loarned to communicato J lis 
holy feelings to us, we would have been without tho enjoy- 
ment of religion to this day. His was a life of active benevo- 
lence. The groa.t rule of His teaching is to "do good to all 
men " The sphere of our labor embraces every quarter of the 
globe where men aro found.—" The field is the world: Could 
we but realize tho sentiment we are an ungrateful people, Ihe 
Gospel came here from the East, from Judea, Syria and the 
neighboring nations. These nations, which once enjoyed t[ie 
presence and preaching of Christ and His apostles, aro now the 
ieats, for the most part, of Heathenism. How can wo be bo 
ungrateful as not to send tho peace of religion to them, who 
were onoc so generous and good as to send it to us I Let us en- 
deavor, Dear Brethren, to renew our energy in this glorious 

, * 

{ 12 

ent rpriso. O lot us burn with pious lovo towards tho poor bo- ■ 
nig. ted heathen' and have thorn rejoice in hope of tho glory of ' 
God as we do. Respectfully submitted. 

'... . Thomas Nicholson, Chairman. 


Tho Conimitfoo on Documents made their report, which was 
received and adopted as follows : 

Wo find nothing in tho various letters worthy of action. ' 
Tho resolution of Bro. Nicholson, proposing to lift a collection 
/ )n Sabbath, for the purpose of. procuring Testaments and 
tracts for our Soldiers, having been referred to us, we feel that 
we cannot urgo upon this body too strenuously tho importance 
of supplying our Soldiers with every means available, to guard 
them against temptations, and direct their minds to Christ. 
Respectfully submitted. W. AV. Peerson, Chairman. 

Tho Petitionary letter of Cedar Creek Church was taken up, 
and on motion of Bro. Roberts, the letter of tho .Church was 
received and tho, Clork instructed to send Minu&pg to Leid-$ktA 

Bro. Shackelford stated, that Bro. J. N. Owen, requested 
him to state to the Association, that ho held in his hands $250; 
the bequest of Bro. P. C. Owens, deceased, and he wished the 
Association to take possession of it or direct what should be 
done with it. Tho Association directed that Bro. J. N. Owen, 
as Treasurer of the Association, Joan out tho money and take 
such security as he may think will make it perfectly safe, re- 
quiring the interost to be paid apnuallj'. 


The roport of thejExecutive Board was received and adopt- 
od as follows : ; . « 

Dear Brethren : The Exocutive Board ask leavo to present 
the annual report of their proceedings. \ 

- The present has been a gloomy and disastrous year for Mis- 
sionary operations. [ Tho political storm, whoso muttcrings 
were air. ady heard in the distance at tho time of our Associa- 
tional m eting at Moulton, filling the minds 6f all with appro- 
hensior and foreboding, has at length burst upon us in all the 
desolatin * fury of a stupendous civil war.. Tho entire thought, 
nerve, and energy of the country has become absorbed in tho 
issue of free national existence, or subjugation and serfdom. 
Thousands of our iellow-citizons steppod promptly into tho 
ranks, ready at the call, of patriotism, to peril fortune and lifo 
in tho defence of firosides and lovod ones. Thousands more aro 
engaged at homo with coasol ess activity and munificent dona- 
tions, in sustaining those who aro in the field, and supplying 
the necessities of those families who have been left behind. It 


r k 

Jmatcd that above one half of our male membership are 
in the army of the Confederate States. Of course large 
i repeated drafts have necessarily been made upon the lib- 
erality of the people, to raise the funds to equip so largo an 
armament in so brief a period of time, and the great central 
idea that has possessed the soul of every true-hearted man 
woman and child' has been, how to meet the issue thus forced 
upon us, in a manner becoming a people worthy to be free. It 
will not then bo thought strange that your Board have felt 
called upon by the exigencies of the times to use more than or- , 
dinary caution in reference to expenditures and to contract 
the sphere of their operations within a smaller compass than 
would have been proper under ordinary circumstances that 
iheV might avoid incurring obligations greater than the di- 
minished revenue of the Association would liquidate They 
have studiously refrained from contracting any debts beyond 
the means placed at their disposal to pay, thai they might not 
come up to the Associations with a debt hanging over them, for 
a few liberal hearted delegates to pay. _ 

At a meeting of the Board held on the 8th of October, I860, 
at the Baptist Female Institute, it was. decided Jo continue 
Bro Vcrser in the field for the present, and appoint others du- 
ring the year as circumstances might justify. .Before the c oso 
of his first quarter our political status became changed, ami at- . 
, fairs assumed a gloomy aspect. Bro. Terser, in his report in 
December last, addressed the Board with reference to .whet er 
ho should continue to labor as our Missionary longer than that 
ouarter They replied that they desired his services, but pros- 
pects for raising funds were growing less encouraging every 
day That if he, as agent, could raise the funds adequate to 
his support, they wished him to continue throughout the year, 
or such portions of it as the amount he could raise would re- 
munerate him for. Accordingly ho has continue nr &»&*£ 
Bro Vcrser has had a wide and laborious field of duty, lie 10-. 
ports that in a district forty miles square, there is not an or- 
dained Minister of our denomination, except Kov. fcnoch 
Windes,who recently has not been engaged ill preach ing-and 
himself 'He also states that many of the Churches to whom 
he has ministered have been entirely dependent upon the labor 
of your Missionary for the preaching of the word. 

Burin* the Summer, the Board decided to appoint Breth- 
ren W V. Wilhite and L. P. Craig, to ride as Missionaries 
two months before the meeting of the Association and on tho 
2nd day of July they addressed a letter to each of the Churches 
requesting their cooperation, and asking them tc i send up 
l ■ 'edges for tho amounts each Church could raise by the time 
of our present meeting; that if possible, other Missionaries 
might bo cmyloyed to labor in the destitute places within our 



To thia letter, the following Churches responded : Bro. D.^ 
Gregory, on tho part of Pleasant Hill Church, sent up a pledg 
for $11 50; Bro. James Johnson, Clerk* of Bear Creek Church, 
sent up information that his Church had not yot raised a sub- 
scription, but would raiso as much as thoy could before the As- 
sociation; Bro. Amos Jarman, for Mt. Pleasant Church, sent 
up a pledge of $50 ; and Bro. Ed. Wise, lor Mt. Pisgah Church, 
$30. Thus these threo Churches sent up pledges for $91 50, — 
the only ones out of the whole thirty-eight, who gave any prom- 
* iso of assistance. Bro. Wilhite accepted the appointment ten- 
dered to him and entered at once upon his labors. Bro. Craig 
was only prevented from doing the same by sovere protracted 
illness, from which he is not yet fully recovered. Your Mis- 
sionaries who have been in the field report 430 miles travelod, 
214 sermons preached, 12 protracted meetings, attended with 
124 conversions. Thus even in tho midst of civil tumult and 
disastor, hath the Lord blessed the efforts used to send forth 
tho heralds of the cross. Brethren, should not this furnish us 
encouragomont in our future exertions? Wo believe that truth 
is destined to triumph, and that its triumph is to be achieved 
by the agency of man. All Christians agree that Christianity 
is destined to flourish in a hitherto unprecedented manner ; 
and an examination of its nature will evinco an adaptation to 
Univorality, not found in any other system of religion, true or 
falso; — a tendency to self extension until it fills the whole 
earth, and an equal fitness to all nations, to all times, and to all 
conditions. Tho charter of the Christian Church contains 
tho cxplict injunction of its founder to its accredited Ministers 
and Membership, to publish tho Gospel to every creature. The 
fow and inadequate moans which have already been employed, 
have been successful in gathering in only tho first fruits of a 
future harvest. But the Church has been awaking to action. 
She has begun to feel the moral dignity and grandeur of the 
Missionary enterprise. And though a check may be given to 
this progress, by the unnatural conflict which is convulsing the 
New World like tho out-bursting of Volcanic fires, still let us 
hope that she will speedily arise, panoplied with truth, "put 
on her beautiful garments," and enter more vigorously than 
over upon her great work of evangelizing the world. And let 
us gain encouragement from the assurance that " in due time 
we shall reap if we faint not." 
All of which is respectfully submitted, 
Z. fi\ Frekman, Sec'y. Charles Gibson, President. 

The Missionary arrangements of last year were adopted for 
this yoar, and the same Exeoutive Board was appointed by the 
Moderator. j 

The following resolution ,was offered and unanimously 
adoptod : 


fsolved, That we tender our thanks to tho brethren ancU a 
inds of Russel's Valley Church and vicinity, for their kind 
nd hospitable treatment to us since wo have been with them. 
The Clerk was instructed to have 1000 copies of tho Minutes 
published, and to superintend the printing. 

The following brethren were appointed to distribute the 

Minutes: _ . *_ , . 

1st District, M. Finny; 2nd District, J. Shackelford; 3d 

District, J. Herring; . 

It was moved and carried, that each delegate interest him- 
self immediately on his return home, to raise pledges for Do- 
mestic Missions, and report to the Executive Board. t 

The Clerk was instructed to write the corresponding letter to 
other Associations, to be published in tho Minutes. 

Bro. J. N. Owen was elected Treasurer of tho Association. 


The Report, of the Treasurer wa*» rocoived and adopted as 
follows : . 
J. N. Owen, Treasurer, in account with Muscle Shoals Association, 

To Balance on hand at close of 1860 £85 95 

Amount paid for Minutes 61 60 

$24 35 
October 4, 1861. Interest on F. Cowan's bequest 20 0Q 

Balance on hand... * 44 35 

All of which is respectfully submitted, 

J. N. Owen, Treasurer. 

The Financial Committee made their report which was re- 
ceived and adopted, with the understanding that they were al- 
lowed to make such additions as might bo necessary and ar- 
range the same with the Clerk. 

Balance in the hands of Treasurer WJ J» 

Received from Decatur Church ■ JJJJ 

» Town Creek Church • 11 2 

« Pleasant Hill Church JO 35 

« Hopewell Church 66 05 

" Tuscumbia Church J JJ 

« , » Mt. Pleasant Church J7 00 

« » Courtland Church «* 25 

« " Shoal Creek Church )* JJ 

« " Mt. Pisgah Church 45 0U 

« « Mt. Zion Church 3 b0 > 





i to 





Salem Church (in Morgan) i.,; f • 

Jloulton Church. ...... 3 ~ , 

Enontfhurch , /.*, '*' * _J - 

Bro. J. M. Kirk 10 ? 

Bdmond Eil^tZV.''"'* J JJ 

Tublyollection on Sabbath in JJ 

Amount of Missionary funds' received....... c 

n ■'"•« * Civ !• '""« 

■By Amount paid Hrov Verier ; 

j *." .*• 'JVoashrer.. ;.■;.;;;; 

10 30 
.5345 05 

...... V S 99 50 

Hanco in his hands for 'iMty^^Z';; *t\ 3 5 ° 

Total amount of Missionary funds for 1801 ft^TToI 
Amount received as Almuto, fund... I801 .- Wl5 ° 5 


.655 80 

% amount of Minuto"fun'd paid Treasurer..'.! L*55 80 

Betnlchom Church (Mor^an^ 
lit. Zion Church ° r <= an >- k < ; $ 57 00 

Shoal Creek Church '""•*■* 3 30 

3ft. Tahor Church . "'""". * \ 23 00 

Shilo Church ....".'. " ,v '"' •••••-' ?4 00 

Concord Church -• 1 00 

••;......................„.... ...,.......„..;■ 7 50 

Total unpaid pledges 

All of which is respectfully submitted,' 

• . . ■ .1,1 , -J 


$115 80 

0.' Gibson, Chairman. 

and extend the' parting hid ° bu ? ,n< r?> ""gnt b ° °" '»">d 

. Sabbath evening at intermissi 

s^Hir^cr - to ««»™i»«- 



of the 


won. Report record and Co'mmittoo discharged 
Th. Comittoo on the State of tho Country, m „do the fol. 

' ,~' 


\ v 

i? 17 

.ring report, which was received and unanimously adopted, 
id the Clerk instructed to have the same published in the 
jtinutes and in such papers as he may think proper: 

Your Committee on the State of the Country, ask leave to 
report that, 

yViiEREAS, Our country is engaged in a most unrighteous 
war, waged against us by those who were once our brethren, 
to accomplish a wicked and unholy purpose, and, 

Wheueas, We of the Confederate States believe it to bo the 
ditty and-right of a free people to defend, to the host of their 
ability their homes, their lives, and their civil and religious lib- 
erties when imperiled. And believing it to be the'dmy of a 
Christian people to throw the weight of their influence upon 
the side of their country, when contending for those rights and 
institutions guaranteed to them by their Constitution, and in 
accordance with the teachings of the Word of God, and, 

Whereas, Baptists have ever stood forth as the defenders of 
civil and Religious liberty, therefore, ♦ 

Be it Resolved, That, we, the members of this Association, as 
patriots and Christians, believe that it is our duty, Morally, Men- 
tally and Physically, to assist our Government in bringing this 
unrighteous war to a successful and speedy termination, 

Resolved further, That it is the duty of all the people of the 
Confederate States, to be united in this great eon I est, to that, 
when the war is over, we may be as a band of brothers, united 
by a common interest, and having a consciousness, that wo 
have all done our duty before God and man in accomplishing 
our second independence. 

Be it further Resolved, That we suggest to our brethren the 
importance of maintaining the Spirit of Christ and the char- 
acter of Christians in this terrible conflict, and of earnestly 
engaging in prayer to Alinightj- God, for his guidance and pro- 
tection in this our day of trial. 

All fo which is respectfully submitted, 

' Jos. Shackelford, Chairman. 

The morning of the Sabbath opened with rain, which con- 
tinued until 10 o'clock. The consequences wore, there was not 
J as large a congregation as there otherwise would have been ; 

j > and services did not commence until a late hour. Bro. Shackcl- 

' ford occupied the stand in tho morning and Bro. Alexander in 
. . tho evening. 

We trust that the word spoken may bring forth fruit to the 
glory and honor of God. 

Tho business of tho Association being finished, on motion, it 
adjourned, to meet with tho Hopewell Church, on Friday be- 
fore the 1st Sabbath in October, 1862. After singing a parting 
hymn and extending a parting hand by the delegates, prayer 
was made by Bro. Vcrser and bonediction by the Moderator. 




Thus another Associational year has gono into tho returnlo « 
past.' May the Lord bless the labors of His servants and malt*. 
us more profitable for the future. 

T. CJunn, Moderator. 

J. .Su.ACKKLFORi), Clerk. 


T,he Muscle Shoals Baptist Association, sendeth Christian 
salutation to those bodies with whom she corresponds. ]>car 
Brethren, we send you by the hands' of our delegates, a pack- 
ago of Minutes, in which you will see what we have been doing 
for the last year. 

We are truly sorry that wo have so little that is cheering to 
the Christian heart to communicate. The cruel war that is 
waged upon us, seems to have paralyzed all Christian ellort. 
We pray that God may remove the evil from us and that His 
c;iuso may once more flourish in our midst. Our next Assoeia- ■ 
\tion will ho held with tho Hopewell Church, Morgan couirty, 
near Danville, commencing on Friday before the first Sabbath 
in October, 1SG2. Hoping that you will meet with us by your 
delegates. , We remain fraternally yours, 

Jos. Suackei.vord, Clerk. 





1 1